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Thursday, Aug 21st

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Demo instructions

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Welcome to the demo site of Joomla Donation Extension . Through this site, you will see all the features of the extension developed by our team :

- Access to Joomla Donation menu item from main menu to see how the donation process works :  Please note that you can control which fields are show/hide , require/not require from back-end of the component in the administrator area of the component . For example, you might don't want to collect state field, you can choose to hide this field from back-end . On the donation screen, you will see a section called Additional informations . This sectin is used to illustrate custom fields feature of the extension  :


What's new in version 2.5

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Hi all

Today , we just released version 2.5 of Joom Donation . In this version, there are many improvements/ features has been made/ added to the extension . They are :


What's new in version 2.3

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Hi visitors ,

Today , we released version 2.3 of Joom Donation with many nice features :

  1. Donation Form Plugin : This is a big enhancement to the extension . From now on , you can embed donation form into any Joomla articles . You can now write a Joomla article to describe about one campaign , then add the form at the end of article so that donors can donate for this campaign .
  2. Campaign ordering : In previous version of Joom Donation , campaigns are ordered by id and you cannot change order of campaigns in the list , in campaigns module.... . From this version , you can change ordering of campaings from back-end , the changes will be relected from front-end .
  3. Hide me from donors list : From this version , we made a configuarion option from back-end of Joom Donation . If you active this feature , donors can choose to hide themself from donors list (donors list pages , donors module...) .
  4. More fields in confirmation email : From this version , you can add first_name , last_name, confirmation email .
  5. Translation from back-end : In the previous version , If you want to change the labels (language item) , you need to find the language file , edit it , then upload it to server via FTP . Now , you simply go to back-end , edit the language items or translate it to any other languages .
  6. Some bugs were fixed :
  • https warning on donation confirmation page.
  • Could not disable one time donation form

We hope you are happy with these nice improvement . If you have purchased the extension before , go to my site to get the lastest version for free. If you haven't purchased it , why don't you buy it today ?

Regards ,
Ossolution Team

What's new in Joom Donation 2.0

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Joom Donation 2.0 has big improvement and many nice features compare to old versions :

-  Recurring Donation : Your site visttors now can make recurring donation . The parameters which they can choose for a recurring donation includes :
+ Donation Frequency : Daily , weekly , monthly , quaterly , semi-annually , annuallty .
+ Recurring times.: Number of times that the payments recur for recurring donation . If users leave this parameter blank , you will continue receiving payment until they cancel recurring payment .

- Donors List from front-end : With this feature , you can show list of donors from front-end of your site . The parameters which you can choose for the list :
+ Campaign : If a campaign is specified , only donors for this campaign will be showed .
+ Order By : You can choose ordering of the list by first name , last name , donation date , donation amount ....
+ Oder Direction .

- Choose campaign while creating link to donation form :

Now , when you create a menu item to link to donation form (one time or recurring), you can choose a campaign at a menu parameter . If one campaign is selected , the campain description will be showed above donation form . Also , the campaign dropdown will be hided (Users don't have to choose a campaign which they want to donation again )

Thanks for your support to our development so far . We do hope that you will be happy with these improvements and continue suggest feature for the extension to make it become the best donation extension for Joomla .

If you bought the extension before , just login to your account to download the new version and install it on your site for free . If you haven't purchased it and want a great donation extension for your site , why don't you give my extension a try ?

Regards ,
Ossolution Team